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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Short History of Pixar Animation Studios

1) Toy Story (1995)
Pixar brought the world the infinite with the movie Toy Story, the first Hollywood movie completely computer generated. The company became a household name and started a studio down the winding path and succeed at the box office.

 2) A Bug's Life (1998)
In Pixar's second film, Flick, voiced by Dave Foley, is a courageous leader of the rebellion that rose up against a bunch of ants grasshoppers. He joined the crew of different kinds of heroes insectoid from fat caterpillar and ladybug named Heimlich man named Francis.

3) Toy Story 2 (1999)
The success of Toy Story, called for a sequel in which Buzz Light year (Tim Allen) and all the old movie player race against time to save Woody (Tom Hanks) from the collector Maina on selling cowboy for a museum in Japan.

4) Monsters Inc.. (2001)
In Monsters, Inc., Pixar answer the question of old age or there are no monsters in our closets (yes there is, although in a way that interdimensional transporter.) Tales about the dangers of this sweet surrogate parenting as a giant blue-haired Sulley (John Goodman) and the eyeball his pal Mike (Billy Crystal) as they look after a two-year girl nicknamed "Boo" to the next page monster into their world.

5) Finding Nemo (2003)
In this mega hit, Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, right, joins Marlin (Albert Brooks) in the search for the missing son. The dangers posed by sharks, jellyfish and seagulls to be an afterthought because they continued to swim for (P. Sherman 42 wallaby Way), progeny of Sydney in the hope of finding the lost clown-fish.

 6) The Incredibles (2004)
Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson), forcibly retired superhero to his desk, flexed his muscles (and sucked in his belly fat) in a fantastic tale of a superhero family crimefighting suburbs.

 7) Cars (2006)
Pixar ode to fast cars and the values ​​of rural areas have the entire vehicle vaudeville, with grooves revolves around Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) are friends with a tow truck named Mater (Larry Cable Guy) and the other residents of Radiator Springs.

8) Ratatouille (2007)
In France, even a quasi mice. Not content with mindless babbling and cheese-scavenging antics of his brother, Remy, a rat voiced by Patton Oswalt, aspires to culinary greatness as a French chef. His signature dish? Ratatouille, of course.

 9) WALL-E (2008)
Toys meet women in the incredible story of Pixar WALL-E, trash-man loneliness, and Eve, his lover cool. This is the story of a future not so far offer a look grim at the damage on Earth, being overtaken by garbage and human beings who literally can not stand his own two feet.

11) Toy Story 3 (2010)
In Toy Story 3, Andy to college and toys are in an anxiety. As the newly unemployed workers, toy all-star players worried about their future post-Andy - after all the toys what to do with anyone to play with?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Just For Fun


Between TKMDGI and Bidik Misi

From the beginning I did not expect to be like this because I get a scholarship Bidik Misi which he said: "If there is a shortage tuition, campus fees that responsibility." From the beginning of my college must have a DSLR camera, which cost 8 million, so I bought a DSLR camera's. The camera that I bought in installments with Bidik Misi scholarship money that I got 3 months behind schedule. The scholarship is up to meet the needs of my campus, especially to buy tools to do the job and pay installments of the camera. I am grateful to still be able to eat even though only 2 times a day with a fruit side dish of boiled egg just for 1 month more. I waited for her scholarship money liquid, probably too late as 3 months old.

Lately there TKMDGI programs (Temu Karya Mahasiswa Desain Grafis Indonesia), which of course costs incurred by the student as much as ± 1.5 millions and a certificate program is a requirement TA (Final) lectures. I am a mediocre person who wants to improve the lives of family, I can not do anything about it. Scholarship money is up for delinquent installments Camera. I think the Scholarship Bidik Misi can, I do not pay anything, but I was wrong. So I can not follow TKMDGI to Bandung with my friends the other because there is no fee. Occasionally I ask myself: "Will I be able to follow TA TKMDGI although I do not follow?"

Finally, hopefully I'm not removed from campus because of writings that I made this, I say thank you as much as possible because it has provided facilities for my blog. Thank you ...
Monday, September 13, 2010

What's fart

1. Where does fart?
Of gas in the intestines. Gas in the intestines from the air we swallow, which breaks through into the intestines from the blood, gas and gas from the chemical reaction of bacteria in the stomach.

2. What is the composition of fart?
Varies. The more air you swallow, the more levels of nitrogen in the gas (oxygen from the air absorbed by the body before it reaches the intestine). The presence of bacteria and chemical reactions between stomach acid & intestinal fluid
produces carbon dioxide. Bacteria also produce methane & hydrogen. The proportion of each gas depending on what you eat, how much air you swallowed, the type of bacteria in the gut, how long we hold the fart. The longer withstand wind, the greater the proportion of nitrogen, because the other gases absorbed by the blood through the intestinal wall. People who eat in a hurry oxygen levels in the fart more because his body is not
had time to absorb oxygen. (So ​​do not hold back like fart).

3. Why do farts stink?
Wat because the content of hydrogen sulfide & mercaptan. Both of these compounds containing sulfur (sulfur). The more sulfur content in your food, the more sulfides & mercaptan produced by bacteria
in the stomach, & the more you fart busuklah. Eggs & meat had a big role in producing the stench fart. Legumes play a role in producing the volume of gas, not in the rot.

4. Why fart noises?
Because of the vibrations of the anal canal while farting produced. The severity depends on the speed of sound of gas. (And your anus hole diameter, hi .. hi ....)

5. Why do farts smell was warm & no noise?
One source of fart is bacteria. Bacterial fermentation & digestion process produces heat, the gas side is rotten. Gas bubble size is smaller, warm & saturated with bacterial metabolic products noisome. It later became fart, though only a small volume, but the SBD (Silent But Deadly).

6. How much gas is produced per day?
The average half-liter of farts a day in 14 times.

7. Why do farts come out through the anus?
Because of its lighter density, why do not fart gas to travel upward? Not so. Intestinal peristalsis push the contents toward the bottom. Pressure around the lower rectum. Intestinal peristalsis made into a pressurized chamber, thereby forcing the contents of the intestine, including its gas to move into supervision
yg lower pressure, which is around the anus. On the way to the anus, small bubbles join to be a big bubble. If there is no peristalsis, the gas bubbles will break through to the top again, but not too much, because who form complex intestinal & berbeit the bush. (Imagine if farting out of the nostrils).

8. How long does it take to travel kehidung fart others. Depending on the condition of the air, like humidity, temperature, wind speed & direction, the molecular weight of fart gas, the distance between 'transmitter'
with the 'receiver'. Once leaving the source, spread fart gas concentration is reduced. If the fart is not detected within a few seconds, is to experience dilution in the air & lost in the air forever. Unless you fart in tight spaces, like elevators, cars, more concentration, so the smell would stay in until absorbed waktulama wall.

9. Does anyone fart?
Certainly, if still alive. Shortly after meninggalpun people still bisakentut. (Why not be ashamed if often farts)

10. Is it true that men fart more often than women?
Nothing to do with gender .. If true, it means that women hold farts, fart a lot & now the number who were excluded. (That's why women are more smelly fart, ha .. ha ....)

11. At what usually people fart?
Morning in the toilet. the so-called "morning thunder". If the resonance is good, can be heard throughout the house.

12. Why not eat nuts cause a lot of fart?
Nuts contain sugars that the body can not digest. TSB sugar (raffinose, stachiose, erbascose) if it reaches the intestine, the bacteria in the gut immediately feasted & make a lot of gas. Corn, peppers, cabbage, flowers
cabbage, milk also causes a lot of gas (not the smell!).

13. Besides food, what are the causes of farts?
Swallowed air, eat in a hurry, eat without chewing, drinking soft drinks, a plane (because of lower air pressure, so that the gas in the intestine expanded & emerged as a fart).

14. Is farting together with saltpeter, but emerged from another hole?
Not ... Winding up of the stomach, the other with a fart its chemical composition. Contain more air belching, gas-containing gas produced by bacteria more.

15. Where has that fart gas on hold is not removed?
Not absorbed blood, not disappeared because the leak .. but migrate toward the upper intestine & in turn out as well. So it's not gone, but only delayed.

16. Might burn farts?
Could be. Farts contain methane, a combustible hydrogen (natural gas containing these components as well). If it burns, its flame is blue because the content of the element hydrogen. (Kalo up the mountain, but forgot to bring matches indomie would cook, wear make fart aja turn on the stove)

17. Can light a match with a fart?
Do not be making it up ... Another consistency. Also the temperature is not hot enough to initiate combustion.

18. Why is farting dogs & cats more rotten?
Because dogs & cats are carnivores (meat eaters). Meat is rich in protein. Many sulfur-containing proteins, so this animal farts smell more rotten. Other herbivores such as cows, horses, elephants, producing fart more, longer, louder sound, but is relatively odorless. (Hence the better pet elephant at home rather than dog).

19. Is it true that if you can smell the fart drunk 2-3 times in a row?
Farts contain little oxygen, you may experience dizziness if you smell the fart too much. (Hence the hobby smell the fart, should dikurangin)

20. Does the color of fart?
Colorless. If the color is orange like nitrogen oxides, will be found out who farted.

21. Fart it is acidic, basic or neutral?
Acid, because it contains karbondioksisa (CO2) & hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

22. What happens if someone farted on Venus?
The planet Venus has a lot of sulfur (sulfur) in the lining of the air, so fart in thence no effect.
Was really touching dech ...
Sometimes .. when you cry .. nobody noticed
your tears.
Sometimes .. when you are very sad .. nobody saw
Your heart pain.
Sometimes .. when you are happy .. nobody noticed
smile on your lips.
However .. when you fart .. everyone turned to you.
not moving, anyway?

People fart Based Classification

People who blame other people if you fart

People who hold farts were the hours

People who know when to be fart

The downtrodden
People who want to fart but can not

People who reply fart, people do not know laen

PEOPLE nervous
People who suddenly hold his current fart fart

PEOPLE confident
People who wonder if farts smell

People who fart, farts in the flick to the laen.

People who fart if not sound, but ashamed of its own

People who hide farts with a guffaw

People who run out fart, farts inhale to replace the outgoing

People who fart a little bit if

Smart aleck
People are often their own farts smell

People who like kissing other people fart

People who fart if hidden

PEOPLE aquatic
People who like to fart in the water

PEOPLE athletic
People who fart if pulling power in

People who admit if discharged fart

People who can indicate the smell of fart others

Others who farts but always he is taxable

The person who farts rhythmical dangdut

People who farts sounds like the sound of a modem

The person who farts accompanied ee '

People who fart while ngupil

People who immediately reply after the kentuti relatives

People who fart and then after installing cute face

People who mengentuti others right in the face
Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meaning FUCK

A long time ago in the UK, people should not have sexual intercourse without the consent of the King. When they want to have children, they must apply for a permit to the kingdom. Afterwards the royal party would provide "Signs / cards" to be hung on the door of the couple during their relationship. The sign reads "Fornication Under Consent of the King" (FUCK), This is the origin of the word FUCK

Managers in The Healing Heart Attack

Manager of a large corporation got a heart attack, and doctors told him to go for a few weeks to a farm to relax. The man went to a farm, and after a few days he was very bored, so he asked the farmer to give him some job to do.

The farmer told him to clean the cow dung. The farmer thought that to somebody coming from the city, with whole life sitting in the office, he will need more than a week to finish the job, but he was surprised because the manager finished the job in less than a day.

The next day the farmer gave the manager a more difficult job: to cut 500 heads of chicken. Farmers believe that managers will not be able to do the job, but on the afternoon of the job was finished.

The next morning, because most of the work on the farm were done, the farmer asked the manager to divide a bag of potatoes in two boxes: one box with small potatoes, and one box with big potatoes.

In the afternoon the farmer saw that the manager was sitting in front of the basket of potatoes, but two baskets were empty. The farmer asked the manager:

"How can you solve a difficult job on the first day, and now you can not do this simple job?"

The manager replied: "Listen, all my life I used to 'cut off the head' and dealing with the 'dirt' in the office, but now you ask me to make a decision ..."